4 Types of Indian Tea

indian tea

Just like in other countries, Tea is a significant and very popular beverage in India. In fact, India is probably one of the most leading countries that produce Tea today. They also have a wide variety of different teas that originate from their country that they export and supply globally. The bustling tea business is both big and small, as Tea is something you can find everywhere locally in India, and globally buy Tea from India. But what exactly are Indian teas? Keep reading if you want to find out!

Chai Tea

Globally, India is known for its Chai, producing that spicy, full-bodied flavor. But Chai isn’t just regular Tea; In fact, this beverage is incredibly ingrained in India’s culture. What exactly is Chai Tea? Chai Tea is consists of a mixture of black tea, milk, sweetener, and spices. It’s best to prepare hot and best taken with friends and family. Chai is regarded as a sociable drink; and a universal drink for all; whether you come from a high or low social class, Chai is accessible. 5 High Fives for the universal drink for all.

Darjeeling Tea

Darjeeling Tea comes from the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains. It is one of the most popular types of Black Tea globally, especially for its golden color and fruity and floral flavor notes. Darjeeling Teas come with “flush” notes, which refer to its flavor notes. There are three types of “Flush,” which is based on when the Tea was harvested. Usually, First Flush Darjeeling Teas have more aroma and lightness to their flavors. The second flush Darjeeling Teas come with more bite or bitterness, and lastly, the third Flush teas are known to be of lesser quality. You can often find the flush notes at the back of the tea packaging when purchasing Darjeeling Tea. 4 High Fives for Darjeeling Tea.

Assam Tea

You can find Assam Tea in the northern parts of India. Assam Tea is another very popular black tea known to have robust full flavors. An interesting thing about Assam Tea is that it grows in shallow altitude soil. It also makes up most of India’s tea production. Some people drink Assam tea instead of coffee for their caffeine content and help increase mental alertness. 5 High Fives for the caffeine boost tea.

Nilgiri Tea

Nilgiri Tea is this aromatic, dark, and flavorful Tea from the southern Indian region known as the blue mountains. This very popular Tea has a particular distinct flavor that has strong floral tones. Nilgiri Tea is known to be great for weight loss and aids in fighting diabetes. Some people also enjoy drinking Nilgiri Tea cold just like iced tea. 3.5 High Fives for Nilgiri Tea.

The Role of Tea in Indian Society

Even though Tea was introduced by the British to India, the beverage vastly transformed its significance to Indian society and culture throughout the years. Tea is all in one a refreshing drink, a symbol of hospitality, a source of sustenance, a custom. Tea is irrevocably part of India’s social and economic culture as both big and small businesses thrive from selling Tea. This hot beverage is simply more than just a drink; it is part of everyday life.

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