blue, black, and red Polaroid One Step camera

6 Different Types of Cameras

If you’re starting to have some interest in Photography that does not involve your phone, then this is a read for you. High fives for photographers! Like every beginner, it’s best to research and learn about the basics before starting a new hobby or possibly eventually a profession. Photography can sound very tricky, especially if you deeply look into the different devices used in Photography – the camera. There are… Read More »6 Different Types of Cameras

Design Books

Graphic Design is Everywhere

The world of graphic design has since evolved throughout the years. The sense of sight is vital and prevalent to a human’s perspective and aesthetic, which is why graphic design is a huge factor to many different businesses and industries around the globe. But what exactly is graphic design? Graphic design is actually a form of communication. It’s visual but it goes beyond photography. It’s a way to communicate to… Read More »Graphic Design is Everywhere

black DSLR camera floating over man's hand at the woods

The Different Kinds of Photography

Photography is one of the world’s best way to “immortalize” moments. Through Photography, you can express emotions, art, fashion, and design within seconds and have the ability to look at it again, be back in time for that particular moment. Throughout the years, Photography has evolved into different types of styles used around the globe. Let’s now go through these types; who knows, you might be able to master them!… Read More »The Different Kinds of Photography