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8 Ways to Brew Coffee

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Coffee is a widely known beverage around that gives comfort to millions of people around the globe. There are many ways to prepare coffee, but the basic gist is that it is prepared by brewing coffee beans. Today we will talk about the different ways to brew coffee and the various tools to brew it.

Brewing Through Steeping

Brewing through steeping is an effortless and straightforward way to brew coffee. This method has been around for a very long time. Basically, the process of steeping is soaking your coffee grounds in hot water, allowing them to break down and soften, and withdraws their flavors to the water. Now let’s talk about the different machines or mechanisms used to do brewing through steeping. 4 High Fives for the steeping method.

Soft Brew

 The soft brew is relatively new to the brewing through steeping game. It is done through a ceramic pot with a mesh wire filter in the middle. The brewing method is simple; you just add coffee grounds to the filter, add boiling hot water, wait for 5-8 minutes then serve the coffee. 3.5 High Fives for a cup of soft brew coffee.

French Press

The French Press is widely popular and something that you can see in most households today. This brewing method has become a staple of homes because of its simple and easy way to brew coffee. It’s best to use coarse ground coffee for this method to avoid having small sediments passing through the filter. 4.5 High Fives for the French Press.

Brewing Through Pressure 

Brewing through pressure is basically extracting coffee using pressure—the process results in having more robust and full-bodied coffee. Let’s check out the different ways we can brew coffee through pressure. 5 High Fives For full-bodied coffee.

Moka Pot 

The Moka Pot originates from Italy, invented by Alfonso Bialetti. This pressure brewing method uses the “three-chamber” brew process. This means the water from the bottom chamber boils, and the steam from that boiling water uses pressure that pushes the water up through the coffee grounds and produces coffee at the top chamber. 5 High Fives for the powerful Moka Pot.

Espresso Machine 

This method is seen through various coffee establishments around the world. The espresso machine comes in all different shapes and sizes; it can also be very pricey and cheap at the same time. But at the end of the day, it brews your coffee using pressure. 5 High Fives for the espresso machine.


An Aeropress is a very versatile tool; it can produce espressos like coffee, brewed coffee, and even cold brew coffee. It’s effortless to use, portable, and travel-friendly. Most people say they taste their best coffee from an Aeropress. It also includes a steeping method similar to the french press but uses a lot of air pressure. 4 High Fives for this portable coffee machine.

Brewing Through Dripping and Filters

Brewing through dripping and filters could probably be the most famous way to make your coffee, as the standard drip coffee machine that is widely available in the market and is something that most households readily have in their kitchen. The typical coffee machine gives you that classic, smooth cup of joe that you look for every morning. 5 High Fives for that classic cup of joe.

At the end of the day, whatever type of brewing method is great, what’s important is that you get to enjoy that warm or cold cup of coffee! What kind of brewing sounds the most interesting to you and you’d like to try?

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