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The Ultimate Internet High Five GIF List

tabby cat touching person's palm

With what’s happening around the world nowadays, we don’t get to physically see our loved ones and friends. But that’s why we are lucky to have the internet as a great way and tool and avenue to connect and reconnect with people. To spread the love and happiness virtually, why won’t you send them an internet high five? We came up with this list full of different internet high five GIFS that will surely make your friends and family feel the happiness!

Jumping High Five GIF

When you’re overjoyed about something, sometimes it just feels right to jump up in the air and celebrate. These Jumping high five GIFs are perfect for that burst of joy moment that you just want to high five and jump!

High Five GIF Borat

Borat’s character is definitely something. Send your friends and family these Borat high five GIF to start up that fun vibe.

High Five GIF the office

A classic hilarious show that gives all the best high five moments. Share these high-five GIFs from the office with your friends and family!

High five GIF cartoons

Relive your childhood days with awesome high-five GIF cartoons that will give you that full-blown nostalgia! Who says cartoons are only for children?

Friends high five GIF

The classic Friends TV Show is definitely a call for an internet high five! Check out these perfect GIFs you can use!

Get this GIF here

Funny high five GIF

Check out these hilarious high five GIFs to keep you and your friends entertained!

Awkward high five GIF

The best way to deal with awkward situations while on the internet, has to be just posting an award internet high five GIF! This will definitely lighten the mood and hopefully, take off that awkwardness away.

Spongebob high five GIF

Internet high five and Spongebob are just the perfect combination! You might want to use some of these GIFs below!

Cat high five GIFs

How can anything go wrong with cat high fives on the internet? I mean let these internet high five GIFs speak for themselves:

Send Virtual Happiness

We hope that these GIFs will help you spread some good vibes and send these internet high fives!

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