About Us

Our Story

Honestly, it started as a joke but then it grew into something beautiful.

We write great content for people who inspire us, that’d be you, the readers! When something makes us jump out of our chairs, yell, “Yes!” and look for someone to high five… well… that’s what we want to write about.

We are driven by values

Amazing things on the internet. That’s what we find. That’s what we post. That’s what we live by. Don’t like it? Cool, you can leave. Love it? Also cool, you might be able to write for us.

Super Savvy

We find the savvy tech hacks and lifestyle design info that you want and need.

Deeply Committed

We are committed to what our readers want. That’s it. It’s pretty simple.

Highly Skilled

Everything we post will be amazing. We only bring on the best.

Keith Marshall

Editor in Chief

George Williams


Julia Castillo

Lifestyle Column