4 Digital Assistant Devices That Will Run Your Life

photo of Amazon Echo Dot

Nowadays, Digital Voice Assistant Technology is very familiar and famous around the world. They can’t give you a high five, but maybe, just maybe they can give you an internet high five! People integrate them into everyday lives, using them as tools to make some mundane tasks more manageable. What exactly are these digital voice assistants, and where can we find them?

A Digital Voice Assistant can be activated using a “wake word,” meaning they all have a specific word that you have to say to trigger the device. If you’re considering purchasing a Digital Voice Assistant device, here are some of them that you might want to consider.

Google Assistant Google 

Assistant is ranked as one of the best Digital Voice Assistants out there. The best part is that Google assistants are highly accessible since they are also integrated on most android smartphones. But for a better well-rounded experience, you can buy the google home device, which you can incorporate into your smart home system. The Google Assistant is prized for its accuracy with questions and commands, as well as compatibility with different devices. You can even connect your Google Assistant to your Refrigerator! How cool is that?


 If you’re an Apple user and tend to stick with it, Siri is the best Digital Voice Assistant option for you. Siri already comes with Apple devices such as iPhones, Macbooks, and iPads. It also integrates with Apple’s HomePod, an external speaker device much like the other Digital Voice Assistant devices. Siri’s ability to understand over 20 language sets it apart from other devices. But do remember that you can only have Siri’s full capacity if you’re already in the Apple ecosystem. If you’re considering using other devices that are not from Apple, you might want to re-think getting a HomePod.


Amazon’s Alexa is gaining wide popularity as a part of one’s home. Alexa’s seamless home integration is probably the best, and the reason why most people prefer to have it at home since Alexa is compatible with over 7,000 different home brands. Although there are various Digital Voice Assistant Devices that have more accuracy with questions and demands, Alexa’s is still the leading option for integrating automation in your home.


Though Cortana does not have a stand-alone speaker device, you can easily find it integrated into most Microsoft devices. Cortana is said to be a productivity assistant that helps you plan out your day and get along with your daily tasks.

Finding the best and most suitable Digital Voice Assistants may be confusing at times, but you just have to remember to pick one that would make your life easy and give you less of a headache. Besides, the point of these devices to help you with your productivity and daily tasks and can even connect to your Smart TV. Just keep in mind two things, the current digital ecosystem you are using, whether android, google, Microsoft, or Apple, and if you’re set to stick with it. The last thing you want is to buy a device that won’t work simply because it’s not compatible with your other devices on hand. And of course, don’t forget to consider to pick the device that you know you’ll surely enjoy using!

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