6 Different Types of Cameras

blue, black, and red Polaroid One Step camera

If you’re starting to have some interest in Photography that does not involve your phone, then this is a read for you. High fives for photographers!

Like every beginner, it’s best to research and learn about the basics before starting a new hobby or possibly eventually a profession. Photography can sound very tricky, especially if you deeply look into the different devices used in Photography – the camera. There are plenty of other cameras available out in the market that you can explore and try if you’re still looking for your style and preference. Let’s find out these different types, and who knows, you might see something that you’ll like to try out!

Point and Shoot Cameras

A point and shoot camera is a very simple and straightforward camera. They’re typically compact, portable, inexpensive, and easy to use. These cameras are great if you’re looking to capture simple vacation photos with your family and friends to keep those memories. But don’t think that Point and Shoot Cameras are not capable of taking great pictures. Some of them have more potential than most people think! 2 High fives for PaS cameras. Everyone has one in their pocket and can use it.

Action Cameras

If you’re interested in taking photos on the go, meaning capturing great images during activities in motion, then an Action Camera is worth considering. Besides the fact that it is excellent at grasping movements, you can also use this type of camera for underwater Photography. Action Cameras usually also have a lot of options for mounting. You can place it on your helmet, body, car, motorbike, and many more. 5 high fives for action cameras 🙂

DSLR Cameras

 A DSLR Camera stands for “Digital Single Lens Reflex” This type of camera is very popular with professional wedding photographers as it comes with a detachable lens. DSLR Cameras are also able to record videos. There are plenty of DSLR cameras in the market that fits in every budget. 5 High fives for DSLR, the camera of the pro photographer!

Bridge Cameras

A Bridge Camera is somewhat in between a DSLR Camera and a Point and Shoot Camera. Though this type of camera you can not change lenses, you still get far better quality shots from a Bridge Camera than a point and shoot. This camera is also a budget friendlier option from a DSLR camera. Honestly, decide what you want to be. 1 high five for bridge cameras. They usually aren’t so great.

Film Camera

A Flim Camera is the reason why Photography started in the first place. This type of camera is the pillar of all cameras. Although there are digital options readily available nowadays, nothing can beat the experience of using film to develop your photographs. Classic! 5 high fives for Film!

Polaroid Camera

This camera is another type of film camera that creates instant photos. A Polaroid Camera is an ideal type of camera to have if you want something portable and instant. There are plenty of polaroid cameras in the market that offers different film sizes for you to choose from. Super retro! 5 high fives for Polaroids.

Just remember, Choosing a camera doesn’t have to be complicated. To make things easier, keep in mind Accessibility. Accessibility means finding something that suits your personal preference and lifestyle. If you want something heavy and professional, try the DSLR; if you want something to use during sports and outdoor activities, get an action camera; if you want something film but fast, try out a polaroid. There are tons of options out there, we hope you find the right one for you!

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