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Types of Coffee You Can Order in a Cafe

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People love coffee. People High Five over coffee!

They love it too much to the point that the coffee industry exploded, primarily through the cafes’ boom. Coffee has been one of the most “go-to” beverage choices for people in the morning because of its caffeine, taste, and aroma. There’s nothing like the smell of freshly ground coffee in the morning to give you that morning pick-me-up to start your day. The art of drinking coffee has evolved so much that it has become quite commercialized and easily accessible worldwide. And sometimes, it can get confusing on what to expect or to order when faced with a coffee menu in a cafe or a coffee shop. Let’s talk about five different types of coffee drinks you can surely encounter in any cafe so you won’t have to be lost in what to order. Now let’s get to it; what exactly are these types of coffee drinks?

Black Coffee

The most popular way to take your coffee is to take it black; this means no additional milk, water, sugar, or whatnot, just pleasant plain brewed coffee. Drinking black coffee is said to have many benefits; for one, it is the coffee drink with the least calories. It also aids in boosting your metabolism and gives you that caffeine kick that most people long for in the morning. Drinking black coffee even helps you taste the coffee beans themselves, as the added milk and sugar won’t mask it. 5 High Fives for this low-calorie option.


Espresso is also one prevalent type of coffee drink that originated in Italy. You get espresso by extracting the coffee’s flavor through heat, pressure, and boiling water. Nowadays, people use a Moka Pot to make their espresso because it’s easy, accessible, and fast. Espressos are usually served as a shot on their own or added to different coffee drinks. 4.5 High Fives for the Espresso.


If you want to take a different version of black coffee, you can try having an Americano. An Americano is simply an espresso shot with hot water. It’s very straightforward to make and also gives you a stronger kick of caffeine. Perfect for busy mornings! 5 High Fives for the Americano.


The next most popular type of coffee drink is a latte. Most coffee chains and cafes worldwide will always have the latte as part of their beverage list. Lattes are also very versatile and are easy to add different flavoring to it. What exactly is a latte, and how can we make one? A latte comprises of an espresso shot, milk, and some foam. Usually, people add some flavored syrup of vanilla, caramel, etc., to add a nice flavor to the drink. Most people also opt to take their lattes with ice, especially during the hot summer months. 4 High Fives for this milky coffee.


Last but not least, let’s talk about the cappuccino. You can find a cappuccino in any cafe out there, as it is one of the most comforting drinks. A cappuccino is a latte but with prevalently more foam than milk. The best part is that it’s sprinkled with cocoa powder to seal the deal. You can also add a pump of flavored syrup to your cappuccino for that nice touch of flavor. 5 High Fives for this foamy beverage.

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