11 Last-Minute Things You Need to Check Before Your Wedding Day Arrives

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Wedding planning can really be stressful, and since we’re all just human, chances are you might forget some things here and there that can potentially add some unnecessary stress on your big day. Here’s a checklist of some essential last-minute stuff you’d want to double-check on at least a few days before your big day arrives.

Pack your Wedding Bag

Whether you’re having a destination wedding or not, it’s still best to pack a Wedding bag. Having this packed beforehand will help you ensure to have all your essentials intact. If you put together your wedding bag last minute, chances are, you’ll probably forget at least one thing that you need. 

Prepare Your Payments

The last thing you want is to forget to pay your vendors and suppliers. It’s always best to prepare your payments in labeled envelopes if you’re dealing with cash, or do a scheduled wire transfer for cashless transactions,

Talk to your Photographer

Make sure you have an alignment meeting with your photographer before your big day arrives. This is very handy to ensure no one is left out and all your guests are part of your wedding photos.

Delegate a Gift Caretaker

You’ll probably have a lot of difficulties receiving all your gifts personally, so it’s best to make sure you assign a gift caretaker to collate all of your presents. You can ask a bridesmaid, groomsman, or a close, trusted family member or friend to do this task. 

Write Your Vows

You might get caught up with all the preparations that you forget to write down your vows! Make sure to set aside some alone and quiet time to write your vows. 

Prepare for the Weather

It is always best to be extra prepared for rain. Arrange beforehand to have some umbrellas equipped at the venue to make sure you have it covered if the weather turns sour.

Pre-Order Your Meals

Never go hungry on your wedding day! Pre Ordering your meals will be one less thing to think about when your big day arrives. Remember, it’s never good to have an empty stomach on your wedding day!

Plan Your Gown Transportation

The gown is essential, so make sure transporting it is already sorted out beforehand. You wouldn’t want to deal with any gown troubles on one of the most important days of your life. 

Assign Someone to Hold On To Your Documents

You’ll definitely be extra busy on your wedding day, so be sure to assign someone you trust to hold on to your legal and important documents.

Get some sleep

You wouldn’t want any eyebags popping up on your wedding photos, right? Trust us, having enough rest and sleep will help you get through your big day with a lot of ease! So sit back and relax! Enjoy your last week of being single!

Make Your Wedding Day Itinerary

It’s always best to prepare your schedule ahead of time.  Write down your itinerary days before your wedding day to ensure you and your guests are aligned and informed of your big day’s flow of events.

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