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The Different Kinds of Photography

black DSLR camera floating over man's hand at the woods

Photography is one of the world’s best way to “immortalize” moments. Through Photography, you can express emotions, art, fashion, and design within seconds and have the ability to look at it again, be back in time for that particular moment.

Throughout the years, Photography has evolved into different types of styles used around the globe. Let’s now go through these types; who knows, you might be able to master them!

One type of Photography that’s very common in the consumer world is Editorial Photography. What is Editorial Photography? This is the type of Photography that you take to accompany a story, article, or writing piece in a magazine, newspaper, or journal. In Editorial Photography you will work with writers, editors, and journalists to give that visual touch on their written work.

Another related storytelling type of Photography is Photojournalism. Photojournalism is a way of telling a narrative through photographs. Here you capture more candid and raw moments for that genuine, unscripted content.

These next types of Photography are something that usually requires a lot of planning. For instance, the product photography is something that is essential to businesses and needs a lot of planning and production value. There’s always a specific look that you want to portray when it comes to product photography, especially since you’re showcasing a product to entice consumers and gain customers. This type of Photography is highly sought after and a great skill to have, especially if you want to work for big businesses.

Advertising and lifestyle photography is also quite similar to product photography. This type of Photography focuses on capturing and setting the ideal look and feel of a specific promotion on a product that is to be placed on advertising avenues such as print ads, billboards, signages, etc.

Fashion photography. Fashion photography can be a mix of both at the moment and planned Photography. If you’re talking about the runway, you have to be ready to capture every fleeting moment. On the other hand, fashion photography can also be taking glamorous catalog photos of models for a clothing brand or fashion line. This type of Photography is challenging to enter, especially since there’s always a certain look and feel that the industry is looking for.

Portrait photography can be close to fashion photography to a degree, but there’s also so much more. Portraiture doesn’t have to be in a photo studio; it can be candid, posed, and be done in an indoor or outdoor setting. The main goal of portrait photography is to be able to capture the uniqueness and beauty of an individual or group in a natural and relaxed manner. You can have individual portraits, family portraits, or even headshots and event portraits for weddings, engagements, debuts, and many more.

We hope this list can help you figure out which type of Photography you’d want to master. The important thing to remember is to choose what makes you comfortable and what matches your personal style. At the end of the day, Photography is meant to be enjoyed and shared!

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