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Graphic Design is Everywhere

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The world of graphic design has since evolved throughout the years. The sense of sight is vital and prevalent to a human’s perspective and aesthetic, which is why graphic design is a huge factor to many different businesses and industries around the globe.

But what exactly is graphic design? Graphic design is actually a form of communication. It’s visual but it goes beyond photography. It’s a way to communicate to people visually through typefaces, images, motion pictures, film, paintings, drawings, and many more. It’s all about stimulating your visual senses and communicating through them.

Now, if you’re wondering where exactly can you encounter graphic design, let’s talk about that! The first widespread way to encounter graphic design is through its visual graphic identity. What exactly is that? Well, that’s simply the visual components of a brand. For example, there’s this famous soda company that uses the colors red in their products. Immediately when you see a prevalently red soda can, you can quickly identify what brand of that soda is. The brand’s visual graphic design helps you directly associate and identify the brand in a split second look.

The next way you can encounter graphic design is something that is quite prevalent in our time today, which is User Interface graphic design. User Interface graphic design taps on the visual aspect of the interface of the apps you are using on your electronic devices for that user-friendly experience. It’s all about the visual experience from the colors, shapes, and small details connected to what’s pleasing to the eye.

The next three types of graphic design are something that’s been out there for more extended periods. This one closely relates to the saying ” don’t judge a book from its cover” Yes, we’re referring to graphic design in publications. Printed books have been a traditional medium for many years now, and the cover design is always an essential factor of any publication. Whether it’s a book, a magazine, or a catalog, the cover design is a significant and critical way you can connect to your audience or market. Further the fonts are a big part of graphic design, especially in print.

Similar to the previous type of graphic design, advertising graphic design has been around for quite some time. Billboards, brochures, and ad placements are all critical points of advertising graphic design that companies heavily rely on to advertise their products and influence their customers’ and consumers’ decisions. These are all something that you encounter daily.

Another type of graphic design that’s been around is packaging graphic design. Just like “don’t judge a book by its cover,” it’s also applicable to “don’t judge a product from the packaging.” However, packaging graphic design is quite essential, and a necessary part of any retail business since the reality is consumers love well-designed packaging. There’s always a bit of extra excitement to buy something that’s packaged well and designed well.

Last but not least, one of the ways you can encounter graphic design is through art illustrations. Art illustrations give life to almost any aspect of the visual arts scene. We see art illustrations in our movies, televisions, magazines, comics, and all of these other visual art avenues that give us entertainment, imagination, and fun!

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